MKS Systems Now Sells Dell!
December 8, 2004 - MKS Systems has announced a partnership with Dell. "Now MKS Systems can channel Dell products such as PDAs and accessories, printers, and even Dell systems to our customers." With the announcement of MKS Systems as a Dell authorized reseller, we can now meet the requirements of any customer. "After being in business for over six years, we recognize that different customers have different needs, and we are here to meet them." - Mark Wilson
Wilson Industries dba MKS Systems Announces LLC Status
May 1, 2004 - The owners of Wilson Industries, dba MKS Systems announced intentions to become a corporate entity as of June 1 2004. Owner and CEO Mark Wilson said that this transition is intended to portray the vision that "this is no longer just a hobby for us, it is now a passion to provide the best hardware and services possible." The intent is that by moving to a corporate-focused business model, the employees of MKS Systems will have more of a customer service based view of operations. "This is no longer something we just 'do', it is a mission." - Mark Wilson
MKS Systems Announces Intel Channel Membership
April 20, 2004 - Since MKS Systems has recently partnered with AMD, it only seemed fitting that there should also be a relationship with Intel. "With these two relationships underway, there is no stopping us," said Spring Wilson, MKS Systems co-founder and CFO. "These relationships will allow MKS Systems to continue to provide the best, most reliable systems on the market."
MKS Systems Announces Partnership with AMD and 3Com
March 2, 2004 - MKS Systems is pleased to announce that it has become an authorized AMD solution provider as well as a 3Com authorized distributor. By partnering with AMD and 3Com in this way, MKS Systems has ensured delivery of some of the most cutting-edge technology to their customers. This ability, combined with increased access to AMD and 3Com support, can only enhance the ability of the MKS Systems to serve it's clients, and continue to provide them with industry leading solutions at extremely competitive prices.
Wilson Industries Names Equus Computer Systems as Primary Channel Partner
June 28, 1998 - In order to match the increasing demand in the PC market, Wilson Industries decides to partner with Equus Computer Systems with the intent of providing the best systems available to it's customers. Equus Computer Systems is a leading manufacturer of build-to-order PCs and Servers, and with ten locations across the U.S., Wilson Industries will be able to expand it's market across the continent, and back it up with top-notch service.