MKS Systems is re-seller of build-to-order desktops, notebooks, servers and workstations.  Partnering with leading vendors such as Intel® and AMD®. MKS Systems is a leading supplier of custom computer systems to small and medium sized businesses.

Founded in 1998, MKS Systems has enjoyed dramatic growth because of its unwavering commitment to quality and to our customers.  As both a Value Added Re-seller and integrator, MKS Systems controls all aspects of product and service to ensure the consistently high quality our customers need.

Expertise, production flexibility, and relationships with industry leaders enable MKS Systems to serve as the single source for a full range of custom computing solutions - including one-of-a-kind solutions that integrate PC technology with unique form factors, technologies, and proprietary software applications for vertical markets. 

Just a few advantages of working with MKS Systems include:

– Company stability - In business since 1998; privately-held, financially sound
– Full range of system solutions - Desktops, Servers, Notebooks, Workstations,
   Peripherals and a variety of other products required to deliver a complete solution
– Product reliability - Built with the highest quality, name brand components,
   ISO 9001:2000-certified processes, and Designed for Windows® certifications
– Extremely flexible configurations - Deliver the exact system you, the customer,
   require without paying for unwanted features or the hassles associated with one-off
   builds and customization
– Comprehensive warranty programs - From part replacement programs to on-site
   warranties, delivering service to the customers
– On-site service coverage - In every zip code in the continental United States
– Product lifecycle planning - Product roadmaps help customers anticipate end
   of product end of life and manage smooth transitions
– Dedication to quality employees - Quality starts with our employees,
   meticulously selected and empowered to provide the highest level of support
– Turnkey solutions for custom applications - MKS Systems can be the single point
   of contact for solutions that integrate PC technology with proprietary software
   or other unique applications